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At Comrie we like to be abreast of all the latest developments in our industry and to have our say on how we would like things to change for the future. With this in mind we are members of BACTA (British Amusement & Catering Trade Association). While the catering part of the association is only by name now, BACTA are instrumental in taking with the Gambling commission and different sections of the government to ensure that the industry is changing for the better for not only their members but the playing public as well.

This year’s BACTA Convention attracted a record attendance with more than 240 members. Our very own Company Director, Cheryl Greig, was one of the members that attended the Convention on 24th November at the QE11 Conference Centre in Westminster London.

BACTA has already unveiled its wish list for triennial, which the Chief Executive of BACTA, John White claims is a “modest” package of changes. There is also a request to a reduction in MGD (Machine Games Duty) and for SWP’s (Skill With Prizes/Quiz Machines) to be removed from MGD altogether. Only John White could pull off the feat of asking the Commission to stop “talking down” to BACTA members without sounding in any way offensive! “On a one to one basis I have had nothing but grown up and sensible discussions with the Commission, but the head masterly tone of the Commission’s communications remain” he said.

To conclude, this year’s Convention showed the association to be more vibrant than in many years. While undoubtedly triennial and a feeling of traction on B2’s played a large part, praise must go to the association for minimizing in –fighting, repairing damaged relationships with regulatory bodies and bringing extra value to the members. John White ended by saying “Membership is at a 10 year high, despite all the mergers, we must be doing something right. Given all the benefits of membership, it really is a no-brainer.

The triennial review is where the government decide if there will be any changes to gaming machines stakes and prizes (cost to play/Jackpots) which we do hope will be changed to offer a higher jackpot to our pub going customers. Also they will hopefully finally decide to lower the stakes and may be the jackpots of the machines in bookmakers who have been taking many pub customers due to their unfair advantage in the type of machines that they are allowed. While we do offer roulette machines to pubs they are of a different technical standards and lower stakes and prizes.


Cheryl Greig with BACTA’s head of compliance Phil Silver at this years BACTA convention.


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Help save our pubs

Save Our Pubs

The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) is launching a new initiative to protect 3,000 pubs from demolition or conversion to other uses – as new statistics show 29 pubs a week are being lost across the UK. 

“Holes in the current planning system allow pubs to be sold off, demolished or converted to many other uses without planning permission or the involvement of the local community. However when a pub is nominated as an Asset of Community Value (ACV) it automatically receives planning protection meaning it is no longer a soft target to would-be developers looking to quickly purchase and convert  or demolish the pub – which in some instances has literally happened overnight,” says Tom Stainer, CAMRA’s Head of Communications.

For more information about the ACV campaign, please visit While times change and a certain amount of consolidation is natural, the loss of pubs on such a large scale is a threat to the cultural heritage of our country. Rural areas that lose pubs, lose a community meeting place and are the lonelier for it. Pubs are what we do in this country, not coffee shops, or wine bars or any other foreign import but British boozers. With fruit machines in them, jukeboxes, pool tables and the works. 

I have friends who rescued a pub in their village which would otherwise have been gone for good and who have turned it into a profitable business. While not many have the time or resources to go this far, we can all do our bit in raising awareness of the plight of UK pubs and add our voice to those calling for them to be protected wherever possible.

Another great way to help your local pub is go for a pint there, we see it so often people moaning about losing there local but not using it when it was open! Also if you run a pub or can pass on this information as a regular, by having the latest fruit machines on hire can help your pub or clubs profits improve by up to 60%.

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Not Another Sales Call!


When the phone rings and it is another nuisance call!!!

Here is a little help to stop these calls.

It’s illegal for organisations to make unsolicited sales and marketing calls to numbers registered with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS), unless they have a person’s consent to do so.

Your customers should notice a gradual reduction in unsolicited sales and marketing calls after a few days, although it can take up to 28 days for the service to become fully effective.

Here’s the official Ofcom press release if you want to find out more.

Your customers can now text ‘TPS’ along with their email address to 78070 to opt out of unsolicited calls.

By doing this, they’re adding their mobile number to the UK’s official ‘do not call’ database.

This will leave you more time to give Comrie a call to chat about a new Digitail fruit Machine on hire for your pub or social club.


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A jukebox the Fonz would be proud of!!

A jukebox the Fonz would be proud of!!

We get asked for all types of jukeboxes, unfortunately we no longer do vinyl or CD jukeboxes as the reliability and parts are becoming a problem. But pubs still ask if we have a jukebox with the bubbles or a jukebox that looks like “they used to look”??

Digital jukeboxes are the best, as you have a great selection of music, they rarely go wrong and your customers are used to digital music with their smart phones and tablets.

We now have the best of both worlds, a digital jukebox that looks like an old traditional Fonz style jukebox with the bubbles!!

This nostalgic digital jukebox is a great focal point in any pub and where we have installed them has proven to be very profitable.

If you are looking to hire a digital jukebox for your pub or club please give Comrie a call.

Here is Cheryl Greig one of the Directors of Comrie with the nostalgic digital Jukebox.







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The Turnaround Team GB

How amazing is it that Great Britain is flying high in the medals at Rio 2016 Olympic Games!

Seeing our athletes romp home for medal after medal seems to really be getting the UK buzzing. It could even be our most successful Olympics ever, who would ever have thought we could have topped London 2012 Olympics.

The talk is that after a disastrous Atlanta Olympics in 1986 when we managed only 1 gold medal (Steve Redgrave), more money was pumped into UK sports and after 15 years later, it has all paid dividend.

Question – is it possible to turn the pub industry around? After so many closures and pubs keep changing hands due to the lack of profit?

Well finally the lifting of the machine tie is huge and pubs who were tied in to using Brewery nominated supplies at their expense can be set free and finally make a decent profit from their machines.

We have regularly spoken to landlords and landlady’s who would have loved to use a local independent machine supplier, who they would get to know and trust not to mention make a decent profit.

One time we saw a collection invoice of a national machine supplier, (you know the ones that are 3 foot long and no one can understand). The machine had taken £290 but after tax, brewery’s take and machine rent the publican was left with 99p! Unbelievable!

To find out more about making the change of fruit machine supplier and to start turning around this great industry just like Team GB have done in the Olympics give Comrie a call today.

Here is one of the Comrie team, Mark Greig with Sir Chris Hoy who until Sir Bradley Wiggins won more gold medals was our greatest winning Olympian.


chris hoy 1 (002)

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New £5 Note Coming Soon

A new Five Pound Note will be launched in September

2016 is a big year for banknotes. A new £5 note will be issued by the Bank of England in September, and will be followed by a new £10 note in 2017 and new £20 note by 2020.

The Bank of England has been issuing banknotes for over 300 years. These have evolved from handwritten paper notes signed by the Bank’s Cashiers in the 17th century to the high quality paper printed banknotes containing a range of complex security features seen today.

The new notes will be printed on polymer – which is cleaner, more durable, and more secure than paper – incorporating advanced security features that make them more difficult to counterfeit. Polymer is a thin and flexible plastic material that fits into wallets and purses just like paper notes.

Victoria Cleland, the Chief Cashier, said ‘polymer – incorporating complex windows and sophisticated security features – delivers a leap forward in counterfeit resilience’.

The notes will retain the traditional look of the existing notes, with a portrait of Her Majesty the Queen on the front. Sir Winston Churchill will feature on the back of the £5 note, and Jane Austen on the back of the £10 note. The new notes will be smaller than the current paper notes.

All retailers and businesses that handle cash need to prepare. Customers will be using the new £5 notes from September and, before the new £10 note is issued in late 2017, the old £5 paper notes will have been withdrawn.

Machines that handle cash need to be updated. The first step is to make sure you know which cash handling machines are being used by your business. Then you need to talk to your suppliers. For most machines, a software update will be needed.

Your staff need to be trained to recognise the new notes. The Bank of England will be unveiling the full design and security features for the new £5 note around three months before the issue date, and a range of training materials will be available. This is a good opportunity to remind staff how to check the security features on all notes.

With less that nine months to go until the new fiver is issued, now is the time to start thinking about how you can make the transition as smooth as possible for your business and your customers.

Keep up to date with the latest information about polymer banknotes, and other banknote news, by registering at: 

At Comrie we are all ready to roll out our update program for the new £5 note as we do not want our customers to not be able to put their crisp new £5 notes in to our latest machines. If you are looking to hire the latest fruit machines with the £5 note programed ready please give us a call and speak to one of the Comrie team.

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Meet Jimmy


Meet Jimmy

They say new blood can breath fresh life in to a business and Jimmy has certainly done that. Jimmy has come from the IT sector so has adapted easily to looking after and servicing all our digital jukeboxes and gaming machines.

In his own words  ‘his party days are well behind him’ and now he loves nothing more than jumping on his bike for a long bike ride.

He also enjoys in his down time spending time with his young family. With two young lads who have followed in his foot steps and taken up rugby, Jimmy can be heard ‘clearly’ at the touch line shouting them on.

Jimmy has added to our great team here at Comrie but don’t worry we won’t be sending him out on his bike to service machines! Watch this space for new Comrie faces!!!



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Digital jukeboxes are changing fast and the latest jukebox on the market is truly amazing. The NSM Fusion can be on- line or off -line but by having it on-line is when it truly comes into its own. This is when the latest music is automatically downloaded each night when new songs are released. Therefore each time your customers go to the jukebox new releases are on there ready to play.

A massive thing with the NSM Fusion is that it can play audio songs and also the videos of each artist, this can also be connected to other TV screens around the pub or club giving a great atmosphere and a big lift to the cash box.

There is also a Karaoke feature on the jukebox so this can reduce costs for a pub or club who pays someone to come in and do a Karaoke night. There are thousands of karaoke tracks on the jukebox.

On the screen is a constant RSS feed showing news, sports and breaking stories. You can programme adverts to show on the screen promoting your venue and there is also a You Tube feature to name a few!

If you are looking to hire a digital jukebox for your pub or club then definitely consider the NSM Fusion as your customers will be really interested in this fabulous jukebox, which will show in the cash box.

You can rent this digital jukebox or we can supply it at no cost on a revenue share deal including all the speakers and the behind the bar digital controller so you are in full control of the jukebox at all times.

PHOTO  – This is our latest NSM Fusion digital jukebox installation at the Gosford Arms public house in Coventry.


blog 001


If you would like to know more call Mark on 07854 772576.

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We can now tell you about the latest digital gaming machine that is making big waves in the pub sector.

In January we reported that we found a new machine at our annual trade exhibition, located at the Xcel Centre in London, in the Docklands called the EAG.

After visiting and chatting with numerous companies we heard some positive results about Electrocoins NEW digital gaming machine called ‘Vegas Strip’.

We ordered four NEW  Vegas Strip Electrocoin machines and have had them on test since the end of January. We have seen some terrific results from the cash boxes over that period. Presently we operate a selection of other digital gaming machines from different manufactures but Electrocoin’s Vegas Strip machine has proved to be out performing them all significantly.

With popular games like Bar X gold and X Roulette which are not only on these digital machines but also on-line, so they are recognisable to players when they see the games on the machines. There are also seven more digital games on Vegas strip with more being added as they are released.

With the success of this digital gaming machine on trial we have now ordered another 10 machines for pubs around the Midlands. Hire a digital gaming roulette machine for your pub today.

If you would like to trial one of the NEW digital gaming machines then call us today on 024 76249070 and we will install one of these machines at NO COST in your public house.


electro coin macine

New Vegas Strip Digital Gaming Machine For Pubs

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Why rent your digital jukebox when you can buy?

Why rent your digital jukebox when you can buy?

The latest digital jukeboxes can be expensive to rent and you are paying this money out every week! We have also seen older jukeboxes being rented out at high prices costing pubs and clubs a lot of money ongoing.

How can you save money?

By buying the digital jukebox outright so you only pay once leaving more money in your pocket.

We have a range of digital jukeboxes for sale from the latest NSM Fusion which comes with FREE music for a year and as we buy the NSM Fusion digital jukebox in quantity we can pass on our great savings to you.

If you are looking for a Sound Leisure digital jukebox we can deliver this to your door anywhere in the UK for £795 + VAT this fantastic price also includes delivery. This is a fabulous price and you will recoup your investment very quickly.

One of the most popular jukeboxes is the Hit Box digital jukebox. If you click on the link you can read all about this versatile jukebox, Hitbox Digital Jukebox for Sale

We will sort out all the latest music updates for you and we are only at the end of the phone to sort any problems that may arise. Digital jukeboxes work very well, but if you do have a problem, just call our service line and one of our engineers will talk you through the problem. If we can’t resolve it on the phone we post out the part and then you return the faulty part to us and in turn you only get charged for the repair.

So if you are paying a high rent for your jukebox or not making any money, then buy your own digital jukebox and profit for years.

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