Fruit Machine Laws on Jackpots in Pubs and Clubs


Fruit machine jackpots vary depending on your premises; first we will look at a public house. In any pub the largest Jackpot machine allowed is a category C fruit machine which offers a maximum £70 cash jackpot with a maximum stake (price to play) of £1 a go. This is as of the date this blog was posted. The reason I say this, is that every 3 years the government look at reviewing the laws & regulations of jackpots allowed under a triennial review of stakes and prizes for gambling machines. The industry is pushing for a £100 jackpot prize to be passed. We will have to wait and see if this is passed and it will take some time as of yet.  So the maximum at present is a £70 cash jackpot on any fruit machine in public houses and bars.  As soon as this changes, we will update you on this blog.

Social Clubs are different as they are member only venues except for the guest that sign in. Social Clubs, and Working Mens Clubs are allowed bigger jackpots up to a maximum of three £250 cash jackpots on a fruit machine. There is one type of machine now approved in clubs called a B3a machine which are housed in a fruit machine style cabinet which can give a jackpot of £500 in cash, their HMRC classification is also called a B3a machine and each members club are allowed one of these machines.

I do hope we have cleared this up for you but if you do have any questions please feel free to call us for a chat and we will give you any advice about fruit machines and the laws, regulations etc…FREE. We cover the whole of the Midlands area but will give advice to anyone in the UK who has any queries or just wants something cleared up.

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