Prizes Allowed On Poker Nights

More Customers And More Profit With Poker!

Lots of pubs and clubs up and down the county have Poker nights and it is a great way on a Monday or Tuesday night to attract customers in to your place. Especially with how popular poker has become over the last few years, it is no longer a game played just in casino’s there are now a million people in the UK playing poker online, in Pubs and at home. With this popularity and growing among women, 1 in 4 poker payers are now female, it is the time to cash in on one of the world’s oldest games.

Under the Exempt Gaming Regulations you can have poker in your pub as long as you have a licenced bar and that the poker is played at a time when alcohol can be supplied. The maximum stake per person per game is £5, the maximum aggregate stakes per premises per day is £100 and there is a maximum prize of £100, you cannot deduct rake or levy of any amount from the pot. There can be no participation fee, no linking to other premises and you must exclude under 18’s from participation. The limits must be strictly adhered to.

There are different companies who will supply you with the equipment, i.e., Poker table top, rules and put you in their leagues so customers feel they are competing with other people and in some cases they do go to regional and national finals. A couple of companies who supply this are Red Tooth Poker and Poker in the Pub, both who can be found on the internet.

You can also go on to the Gambling Commissions website at to look at information about Poker nights and they also do a downloadable PDF about advice on allowing Poker on licence premise, this is good if you would like to run your own poker nights at no cost.

Also if you are planning to run a poker night a great extra source of income is to hire a Joker Poker machine. This is a gaming machine that your customers can play poker on for different jackpots, we have found Joker Poker machines earn great money if you have customers who are interested in Poker. The joker poker machine can be supplied at no cost on a revenueshare deal, meaning no out lay for your pub or club. To find out more about this machine go to our Joker Poker page:

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