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CAMRA – Campaign for Real Ale

 Are you what CAMRA is looking for?

CAMRA is looking for examples of those publicans, who have expanded their businesses to make them more successful! These examples will help the organisation with its Community Pubs Month media work.

Community Pubs Month will run in April and already 6,000 pubs have already been sent free promo packs. The aim is to get pubs to organise events throughout April and use this national campaign to try a variety of different marketing activities to help increase trade.

The idea behind CAMRA’s pub campaigning in 2013 is to encourage more people to visit the pub on a more regular basis. CAMRA are hoping to run stories to show the way pubs are now expanding their business to make a living.

CAMRA have commentated that they would like to gather a number of case studies from across Britain to raise the awareness of how pubs are expanding. Pubs are trying to find different easy of attracting more trade. Some research already compiled includes some real wacky ideas such as publicans incorporating hairdressers, delicatessens and libraries into their pubs.

If you have expanded your business and would like to be considered for CAMRA’s media work in March and April please email with a few words on what you have done.

To sign up for your free Community Pubs Month promotional pack, take a look at

This is a great way to help promote your pub or club, we at comrie automatics have sent in some information of pubs that we deal with who have turned around a failing pub to make it part of the community again. We have also helped these pubs increase there fruit machine and jukebox profits substantially.

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Promote and Profit from a Football Table


We see less & less pubs and clubs having Table Football as part of their machine mix today. Table Football also known as Foosball or Bar Football has been a popular game in Pub, Clubs and Bars since the 1970’s.

In some locations the table lies unloved in a dark corner of the venue and not promoted, but where we are having big success is in pubs, clubs and bars who actively push the football table with competitions and promotions. With up to 4 people playing the table it can be a great value game for the players and full of excitement.

The British Foosball Association has developed a free online advice pack which is available on the BFA’s official website

This has been produced to enable venues and operators to get the most out of their Football Tables, including basic maintenance tips, promotional events and there are already regular players, forming a club and competing against other clubs in the area.

This is another way to get your players and away fans into the pub or club on those quieter nights and don’t forget they all need to practice! We hire Football Tables all over the Midlands and sell them UK wide so have a chat with us about a new or reconditioned Football Table for your bar today.

We also hire football tables for the night for different events and parties with a price to deliver, install then remove the table from £250.00. Give us a call to talk about your event and to confirm prices.

Our football tables are available to hire at no cost on our revenue share deal, so this is a great way to trial a football in your pub or club!

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