Pub Closures, Lets Stop The Rot……

Pub Closures. Let’s Stop The Rot……

According to the campaign for real ale (CAMRA) the pub sector has seen over three hundred closures already this year, at a rate of 18 closing their doors every week.

These are alarming figures that industry observers are predicting could climb to 1000 closures by the end of 2013!

While industry experts are saying it is a direct result of the Treasury’s beer duty escalator, this is one of many daily fights publicans are having to battle against. No help from our “local friendly banks” and a lack of support from the breweries just to mention a couple.

A way we can help you at Comrie Automatics is doing a FREE no commitment survey of your Gaming & Amusement equipment. There are so many things that can be tweaked to give a good up lift in machine income which helps public houses and social clubs profits in a BIG way.

Just some of the things we check are;

  • your costings for hire
  • level of equipment
  • location of machines
  • machines fully serviced ie, all bulbs working (as this puts players off)
  • pool cloth in good condition
  • type of jackpot prize and price of play, of equipment
  • how often is equipment changed to give fresh appeal
  • marketing material around the site to promote different machines to customers
  • Juke box sound zoned well and smokers catered for

 This is just a small list of our extensive evaluation we do for free and then go over with you.

If you are a tied public house, have you checked your contract as some pub companies only tie publicans into gaming products, ie, fruit machines, allowing you to earn extra revenue from a Jukebox, Pool table or Quiz machine.

We have also found that pubs that are fully tied have been allowed under their agreement, to own their own equipment. We have then sold a publican normally a Pool table and in some cases Jukeboxes so they can profit far more legally outside their pub tie.

If you are interested in a FREE visit to your pub or club and going over our extensive check list with no obligation or would like to talk about Fruit machine hire or Jukebox rental please give us a call, as we would like to help stop the rot and preserve our Great British Pub.

You don’t have to use us as your supplier we are here to help.

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