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Marketing Your Pub or Club

Advertising or marketing your venue has become so much easier and cheaper now with all the new online ways of reaching your potential customers. Whether it’s through social media (facebook, twitter, foursquare) or sites like Trip Advisor and also email marketing by sending information of your up and coming events to your past and present customers.

While the above ways are free in cost to do, they can be very time consuming and it is important you have a plan from the start about what it is you are trying to do. The most important thing to remember is not to continually sell to your audience but to give them information or even better humour.

People are interested in you and your venue and they are very interested in what other people are doing, saying about your venue. It’s the nosey side of us human beings! that is why magazines like OK and Hello are so popular today.

So you can feature your present customers, people performing at your pub or club, stories about your staff and what they like to do in their down time, also let your own personality come out through your marketing as people like people.

There is so much potential with social media to get the word out there, but it has also made it easier for disgruntled customers to say bad or write things about you. These comments must be tackled head on, if it is a drunken statement on facebook, it can removed and marked as spam so that person gets banned from your site, but if a customer has a genuine complaint put your reply back on the same place for other people to see and even ask them to contact you so you can talk about it in more detail. A great place to see how some companies deal with this is on Trip Advisor. Remember what they say, a complaining customer taken care of can become one of your best advocates!

There is so much potential with facebook where you can encourage people to “check in” at your pub or club so then all their friends see that they have been or are at your venue. Also you can promote facebook posts very cheap, they then get seen by not only more of your facebook fans but also friends of friends facebook pages.

This can be a good place to also promote your pool tables with free play nights, pool competions or book a table on busy nights. Also mention your jukebox and the music you play, ask your facebook followers what music they would play on the jukebox? You are aiming to get some engagement with them, then you can ask them why don’t they pop in and have a game of pool on you! Like I said it does take time but can have a good reward if done properly.

We will also do a blog about more traditional marketing as this is still a very effective way of reaching your potential customers, but social media is a cheap and fast way for you to start your pub or club marketing, our advice is to look into and learn about social media marketing and how it can help you.

A great place to start for any business owner is to go to and look into the Entrepreneurs Circle as Nigel has built up 8 million pounds businesses. He also offers a great way of trialling the Entrepreneurs Circle to see how you can benefit from his help and guidance. Whichever way you go about it, make sure you try social media as customers and potential customers are on there and talking about you and your business!

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