Jukebox Hire For Pubs and Clubs

Digital Jukebox Hire For Pubs and Clubs

Having the latest digital jukebox in your pub or club can mean music to your customers ears but also music to your bank account!

 This is not only due to the extra income having a modern touch screen digital jukebox with all the latest music regularly updated, but having music playing in any type of venue has been proved to make people stay longer. This is why even when you are out shopping as you go from shop to shop they all have some type of back groud music playing. By keeping your customers in longer means extra profit over the bar and more profit in your other gaming or amusement machines.

Before you rush out to get a Digital Jukebox on hire or on a revenue share deal ensure that you will get all the latest music updates as they are released as your customers will want to listen to the latest releases.

Also, having a jukebox zoned, which means you can set the volume of your jukebox at different levels not only in separate rooms but also in different areas of the same bar area. We do jukebox installs where in the same room you can have three different volume levels as the customers in a certain area only want the volume low and customers playing pool or in another part of the room can have the music set at a level they are happy with!

Another great feature of our digital jukeboxes are that we channel your TV or Sky through our speaker system, this way when you have the football or any other event showing your customers will get great sound all around your pub or club. Our jukebox comes up with an “Event in progress” setting so whilst you have the football showing no one can put their money in the jukebox during the event.

Another must addition is to have outdoor speakers for your smokers. This livens up the outdoor area and encourages your smoking customers to put money in the jukebox before they pop outside for their cigarette.

If you are interested in a jukebox on hire, rental or at no cost on a revenue share deal for your pub or club and are based around the Midlands area please contact us for a site visit.

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