What are the new fruit machine jackpots?



New jackpot prizes for pub and club fruit machines have been agreed and will be allowed in Public Houses and Social Cubs towards the end of January 2014.

There was a process called the triennial review, where every 3 years the Government would look at the stakes and prizes of fruit machines and with the guidance of BACTA would raise the price of play and Jackpots for fruit machines.

This has not happened for the last 6 years so the new review is very welcomed to help the industry.

The new jackpots are to be £100 cash for Category C fruit machines (Public Houses)and £400 cash for B2 machines (Social Clubs). This will help the manufactures come up with some new game designs for fruit machines to make them more appealing to regular and casual players.

So if you have a fruit machine on hire or on revenue share ensure you get the latest jackpot prizes for bigger cash box profits.

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