New Bank Notes

Will Your Fruit Machine Accept and Pay Out In New Bank Notes???

New £5 & £10 bank notes are planned for a revamp in 2016. These new bank notes will be of a more plastic feel with a longer life. We will be making sure all our Fruit Machines are pre programmed to accept and pay out in the new plastic £5 & £10 bank notes.

In terms of note validation, polymer bank notes pose no additional issues and our validation will accept and stack as normal. If you have a Fruit Machine on hire it is not only important to ensure your machine accepts all the new notes but also having a Fruit Machine that pays out in notes will raise the income and lower call outs on the machine due to coins going empty.

Evidence points to lower counterfeiting risks and overall high security, as polymer bank notes allows additional security measures to be added, which is good for the industry.

Who knows in another 10-15 years cash in its self might even be a thing of the past…..???

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