How to get your customers coming back

Marketing for Pubs


Opening the pub doors and selling the beer is the easy part of running a pub or club, getting customers through the door spending their hard earned cash is the hard part.

With this in mind here is an easy way to market to your customers easily and cheaply.

As your customers come in get their email address and start building a list of everyone who comes into your pub or club; then using a simple email sending system like mail chimp (just google it, it’s free), you can put all these email addresses in just  once and then send one email to your whole list at the same time for free.

With mail chimp you can add 5000 email addresses free of charge.  This is a great way to let all your contacts know of what is happening in your pub or club, any specials or any other news that might be of interest.

You can get your staff to ask customers to fill in a simple slip with their name and email address on to get some new promotions you are starting.  Try it out as the more people on your list, the more free exposure you can get!!!

We use this system for our business, so if you want to see what we send just click on the link below then scroll down and add your name and email address into our free report. You will get some great information about how to raise the income on your machines and also see how easy and simple it is then to keep in touch with your potential customers. just click here jukebox and fruit machine hire.

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