fruit machine security for pubs and clubs


As part of ongoing security measures, below is a list of the Top 10 Security Tips to keep your machines safe and the profit in your hands instead of the machine thieves who go round pubs and clubs looking to scam the income from the machines.

It is always worth going over this with your bar staff to make sure they know what to look out for in the event of the thieves paying a visit.

1.       Look for groups of strangers crowding round machines.

2.       Look out for inappropriate clothing – hats, gloves and heavy coats in warmer weather.

3.       Be aware of customers watching staff.

4.       Look out for specialised equipment being used by thieves.

5.       Look out for furniture being placed up against lower doors on machines.

6.       Coins and notes are the only acceptable machine currency – look out for plastics or other materials being inserted in the machine.

7.       CCTV is an excellent means of identifying machine thieves.

8.       Minimise the positioning of machines in isolated areas.

9.       Look out for customers using refill keys to gain an unfair advantage.

10.   Call the police immediately if you suspect anything untoward, then make a call to Comrie Automatics to come and check the machine over.

Unfortunately, where there is cash there is temptation, so the more you can do, the less likely the thieves will target you and your machnies. We hope this helps to prevent your fruit machines becoming a target for the thieves.


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