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The Midlands widest read bi-monthly Newsletter to Clubs

Inn the Club News is a bi-monthly publication that is distributed to Social Clubs, Private Members Clubs and Snooker Clubs around the Midlands.

Now in its 8th issue ‘Inn the Club News’ gives clubs the advice and information along with humorous articles with the aim of helping and sharing good and bad ideas to ensure the survival of prized community hubs – Social Clubs.

With articles such as ‘Advice from the experts’ where top people from their respected profession give clubs a heads up to what is working or new legislation, giving clubs valuable information.

‘Club Spotlight’ – a different club from around the Midlands is featured each issue to not only give other clubs an insight to what is or is not working but a great way to publicise your Social Club to all the other Midlands clubs.

Our ‘Inn the Club News’ editor Mark Greig, also writes an informative article each issue which we get great feedback from.

Whilst ‘Inn the Club News’ does not do advertising if you are an expert in your field and would like the exposure to all the Midlands clubs, please contact about writing an informative article.

We will be publishing a few stories from ‘Inn the Club News’ on this Comrie Automatics blog so you can get a taste of the quality information we distribute to midlands clubs every other month. If you currently do not receive our printed newsletter click on contact Comrie and fill in your full contact details and we will put you on our mailing list.

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