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Less balls… and no, we’re not talking about some of the conversations around the bar late in the evening, we are talking about something far more important…

The future of Clubs…something I think is over looked and with a little bit of effort could help push Club memberships and profits north instead of south.

What is it I hear you say, women. Yes, a simple answer but so many Clubs over look the female population when looking to plan events, away days or general marketing of the Club. With a few easy tweaks you can make the Club become far more female friendly like, having a couple of different Rose wines, flavoured ciders and other female friendly drinks.

Do you put on events/nights that appeal to women? Does anyone speak with them to find out what else they would like to see the Club offer or about becoming a member?

Now, I am not talking about holding a Chippendale Stripping type night (even though that might go down well!). I am talking ABUT wine tasting evenings and asking the wine company to send a representative to the Club to explain about their wines, Comedy nights perhaps with a female MC, a female Beer tasting night with different fruity and flavoured beers, Ladies Ascot day and other themed ladies days throughout the year or ‘Bring your Partner ‘special offer nights to get them both engaged with the Club.

Below are a few female friendly tips to help make your Club more appealing;-

  • A warm greeting and send off goes along way
  • Cleanliness is key, particularly in the loos
  • Soft drinks aren’t just for children, stock some high-end products such as fresh juice
  • Good value (not cheap) food and drink will get women in daily
  • Flexible furniture for group of ladies or mums with prams
  • Staff should be smart, even if it is just matching branded polo shirts
  • Soft furnishings such as cushions and curtains to soften the scheme and relax into
  • Serve a range of hot drinks including speciality coffees and hot chocolate

Just a few handy tips that might well increase your female customers.

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