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This month we have another article from our printed newsletter that we send to all Midlands social clubs called – Inn The Club News. We have had a great response to the newsletter and had some great clubs featured in the club spot light section. We have posted a story to help you market your social club to get more new and old customers though the door and as the title says it is a fun way!



There are lots of reasons that we all like to go down to our local club for a pint. High up on the list is to chat, meet people and events. (I’m sure you can name many more). So if there is something going on at the club then this seems to being even more people out who then have a good time and also attracts new faces.
In turn people spend more and go away talking about your club. Most clubs hold events for the well-known days, like Paddy’s Day and St Georges Day or the World Cup. But there are so many other days that clubs could make more of to attract people in.
Wimbledon is fast approaching and is very easy to tailor promotions to with a fun theme. The obvious drink, Pimms & Lemonade, you can sell punnets of strawberries, put a Wii tennis game on the big screen and even get a couple of the bar staff in their whites – ‘you can’t be serious’ I hear you shout! Yes we are, as people actually like fun in this day and age of so much doom and gloom.
On the 23rd July is national Hot Dog Day. This would be a great one to attract families and to offer different types of sausages and sauces. You could tie up with a local butcher to help support the day/night.
Below is just a few of the Fun Days coming up that you could use to promote in your club and overleaf are a few Fun Days that perhaps you won’t use, but as we have said it is all about fun! Also a few points to help your day go well.
Good luck and have fun

July 19 – National Daiquiri Day Aug 25 – Banana Split Day
July 20 – National Lollipop Day Aug 26 – National Dog Day
July 21 – National Junk Food Day Aug 29 – More Herbs, Less Salt Day
July 23 – National Hot Dog Day Aug 30 – Toasted Marshmallow Day
July 24 – National Tequila Day Sept 05 – Cheese Pizza Day
July 28 – National Milk Chocolate Day Sept 12 – Chocolate Milkshake Day
Aug 05 – Friendship Day
Aug 20 – National Lemonade Day Source: Google: National Fun Days


• Don’t just aim at the obvious celebrations. There are so ridiculously funny national awareness days throughout the year to increase your bar takings. If you are not the most imaginative, why not call a staff meeting with the teenyboppers of the team and together dream up a quirky campaign.
• Put the squeeze on your suppliers, remind them whose brands are being promoted. Go and negotiate special short-term discounts to soften the blow to your bottom line.
• Aim your offers towards hours when your target audience may otherwise be pre-drinking. Make it show to your customers that they can really afford to go out.
• Advertise, advertise, and advertise!! There is nothing worse than hearing your customers say they knew little or nothing about your promotion. Steer the bums in the right direction with posters, toilet frames, flyers, verbal information, as well as social media.
• Decorate your venue to increase the everyday atmosphere. Create a visual vibrancy with balloons and bunting that match the corporate colours of any featured drinks.
• Do not compromise on quality. If you elect to offer better value for money, do not cut corners. Wow your customer, and create the kind of hype that stimulates the best form of marketing – word of mouth.
• Show everybody how much fun it was. Use a photographer to capture the event, and upload attention grabbing photos to your Facebook page and display on a picture board in your club for all to see.


June 09 – Donald Duck Day

July 03 – Compliment your Mirror Day

July 10 – Teddy Bear Picnic Day

July 14 – International Nude Day

July 22 – Rat-Catcher’s Day

July 27 – Take your Plants for a Walk Day

Good luck with your fun days.

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