Jukebox Hire For Pubs

“Please only give us the latest machines”

This is what we were asked when the Four Provinces Pub in Coventry called us to go in and chat to them about supplying them with a Digital Jukebox and all their other gaming and amusement machines.

We went along and spoke to the owners of the Four Provinces, Alex and Martin. They had a national machine company supplying all their machines and as we regularly hear they were not getting the service they needed and not being listened to about their complaints and problems.

One of their complaints was that they had a digital Jukebox but it wasn’t being updated regularly and because of this hardly anyone was putting money in to play music.

When we looked at the Jukebox we knew straight away why this was as they had been supplied a Jukebox that was not online and the company was not coming out to manually update the music.

We have been busy testing online Jukeboxes over the last couple of months so when the Four Provinces asked us for the best Jukebox for music selection we knew the answer to this. Lately we have tried a Sound Leisure Jukebox, A NSM digital Jukebox and another digital Jukebox called the Jaybox. We installed them in different venues and then monitored their income and also got feedback from the venue’s customers about ease of use.

The winner hands down was the Jaybox. Not only because of the ease of use and the vast amount of music on the Jukebox which is added to daily as new songs are released, but the cash box was also the highest. This made sense as the customer feedback was all positive and this reflected in them putting their hard earnt money into the Jukebox to listen to the latest music as soon as it as downloaded onto the Jukebox.

The Jaybox proved itself again, as Alex and Martin both said how happy they both were and how well the Jaybox had performed in the Four Provinces. After speaking with other Jukebox and machine suppliers, they decided to go ahead with Comrie with all their machines and we have installed all  the latest machines, included an electronically coin operated Pool Table which they can set on “free play” at different times of the day to encourage people into their bar.

If you are looking for the latest digital Jukebox hire for your pub with all the latest music downloaded daily, give us ring at Comrie to chat more about our NO COST installs with the Jaybox.

‘The latest music definitely means more profit’

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Alex, one of the partners at The Four Provinces.

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