Why rent your digital jukebox when you can buy?

Why rent your digital jukebox when you can buy?

The latest digital jukeboxes can be expensive to rent and you are paying this money out every week! We have also seen older jukeboxes being rented out at high prices costing pubs and clubs a lot of money ongoing.

How can you save money?

By buying the digital jukebox outright so you only pay once leaving more money in your pocket.

We have a range of digital jukeboxes for sale from the latest NSM Fusion which comes with FREE music for a year and as we buy the NSM Fusion digital jukebox in quantity we can pass on our great savings to you.

If you are looking for a Sound Leisure digital jukebox we can deliver this to your door anywhere in the UK for £795 + VAT this fantastic price also includes delivery. This is a fabulous price and you will recoup your investment very quickly.

One of the most popular jukeboxes is the Hit Box digital jukebox. If you click on the link you can read all about this versatile jukebox, Hitbox Digital Jukebox for Sale

We will sort out all the latest music updates for you and we are only at the end of the phone to sort any problems that may arise. Digital jukeboxes work very well, but if you do have a problem, just call our service line and one of our engineers will talk you through the problem. If we can’t resolve it on the phone we post out the part and then you return the faulty part to us and in turn you only get charged for the repair.

So if you are paying a high rent for your jukebox or not making any money, then buy your own digital jukebox and profit for years.

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