Digital jukeboxes are changing fast and the latest jukebox on the market is truly amazing. The NSM Fusion can be on- line or off -line but by having it on-line is when it truly comes into its own. This is when the latest music is automatically downloaded each night when new songs are released. Therefore each time your customers go to the jukebox new releases are on there ready to play.

A massive thing with the NSM Fusion is that it can play audio songs and also the videos of each artist, this can also be connected to other TV screens around the pub or club giving a great atmosphere and a big lift to the cash box.

There is also a Karaoke feature on the jukebox so this can reduce costs for a pub or club who pays someone to come in and do a Karaoke night. There are thousands of karaoke tracks on the jukebox.

On the screen is a constant RSS feed showing news, sports and breaking stories. You can programme adverts to show on the screen promoting your venue and there is also a You Tube feature to name a few!

If you are looking to hire a digital jukebox for your pub or club then definitely consider the NSM Fusion as your customers will be really interested in this fabulous jukebox, which will show in the cash box.

You can rent this digital jukebox or we can supply it at no cost on a revenue share deal including all the speakers and the behind the bar digital controller so you are in full control of the jukebox at all times.

PHOTO  – This is our latest NSM Fusion digital jukebox installation at the Gosford Arms public house in Coventry.


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