A jukebox the Fonz would be proud of!!

A jukebox the Fonz would be proud of!!

We get asked for all types of jukeboxes, unfortunately we no longer do vinyl or CD jukeboxes as the reliability and parts are becoming a problem. But pubs still ask if we have a jukebox with the bubbles or a jukebox that looks like “they used to look”??

Digital jukeboxes are the best, as you have a great selection of music, they rarely go wrong and your customers are used to digital music with their smart phones and tablets.

We now have the best of both worlds, a digital jukebox that looks like an old traditional Fonz style jukebox with the bubbles!!

This nostalgic digital jukebox is a great focal point in any pub and where we have installed them has proven to be very profitable.

If you are looking to hire a digital jukebox for your pub or club please give Comrie a call.

Here is Cheryl Greig one of the Directors of Comrie with the nostalgic digital Jukebox.







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