Help save our pubs

Save Our Pubs

The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) is launching a new initiative to protect 3,000 pubs from demolition or conversion to other uses – as new statistics show 29 pubs a week are being lost across the UK. 

“Holes in the current planning system allow pubs to be sold off, demolished or converted to many other uses without planning permission or the involvement of the local community. However when a pub is nominated as an Asset of Community Value (ACV) it automatically receives planning protection meaning it is no longer a soft target to would-be developers looking to quickly purchase and convert  or demolish the pub – which in some instances has literally happened overnight,” says Tom Stainer, CAMRA’s Head of Communications.

For more information about the ACV campaign, please visit While times change and a certain amount of consolidation is natural, the loss of pubs on such a large scale is a threat to the cultural heritage of our country. Rural areas that lose pubs, lose a community meeting place and are the lonelier for it. Pubs are what we do in this country, not coffee shops, or wine bars or any other foreign import but British boozers. With fruit machines in them, jukeboxes, pool tables and the works. 

I have friends who rescued a pub in their village which would otherwise have been gone for good and who have turned it into a profitable business. While not many have the time or resources to go this far, we can all do our bit in raising awareness of the plight of UK pubs and add our voice to those calling for them to be protected wherever possible.

Another great way to help your local pub is go for a pint there, we see it so often people moaning about losing there local but not using it when it was open! Also if you run a pub or can pass on this information as a regular, by having the latest fruit machines on hire can help your pub or clubs profits improve by up to 60%.

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