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This month the spot light is on Andy McKirdy of the Comrie team.

Andy has been part of the team for 18 months now and is Chief Machine Installation Engineer.

When Andy came to Comrie for his first interview it came out that Andy’s dad, also called Andy, was licensee of the Transport Social Club in Coventry for 15 years.

This social club was one of the Comrie’s long standing sites until it went the way of so many clubs and pubs over the last few years and closed down.

Comrie’s original founder – Harry Greig, knew Andy Senior well and would often call in to the Transport club for a late night drink!

Andy is a qualified electrician which is a great fit for dealing with the modern electronics that are now in digital fruit machines that we hire out to pubs and clubs.

When we asked Andy about his hobbies outside work, he said, “ I have four kids so there’s no time, but I would like to be on the golf course”.

Andy is also in charge of all PAT testing on our gaming and amusement machines before they go out on site. It is great to have Andy as part of our great team here at Comrie.



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