Comrie Will Bowl You Over

Another good fun works night out

Every few months we like to get the Comrie team together for a social night out. It might be a few beers at a local pub or as our last team night out a competitive night of indoor go-karting.

This time it was no different, we had a very competitive night of bowling mixed with a few drinks. Bragging rights at work the next day were at stake!

Comrie’s long standing engineer Justin was the favourite due to being a past regular weekly player at Ten Pin bowling. It did look like it was going to be Justin’s night during the practice session, but when the heat was on in the main game it was experience over youth that prevailed. The winner was the oldest team member Phil, who has not only received the long standing retirement watch but carries on with Comrie to pass his knowledge of fruit machines, jukeboxes and pool tables onto the younger team members.

He was also showing them how to bowl





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