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Below is some information about the old £10 note. If you are looking to make a change to your Fruit machines, jukeboxes, digital gaming machines and pool tables for your pub or club give Comrie a call to chat about how we can help.

Deadline now set for the old style paper £10 note –

While we currently have some of the old paper and plenty of the old plastic in our wallets, the old paper £10 note featuring Charles Darwin will expire shortly before midnight on March 1, 2018, the Bank of England has announced.

From that date on, only the new, polymer £10 notes featuring Jane Austin will be legal tender. However, the Bank said that while the old notes will not be accepted in shops and other businesses from March 1, it will still be possible for Charles Darwin notes to be exchanged at the Bank of England.

This is a service that is free of charge and can be done either by post or in person.

The new £10 is expected to last at least 2.5 times longer than its paper predecessor – around five years in total, the Bank of England said.

Interesting fact about the new polymer £10 note:

The Bank of England has donated some notes with significant or low serial numbers to people or institutions that were involved in the development of the note or who traditionally receive a note when a new series is issued – for example the Queen receives AA01 000001.  Below is a list of who the low numbered polymer £10 notes were allocated to:


Note ​ ​Recipient
AA01 000001​ ​Her Majesty The Queen
​AA01 000002 ​Prince Phillip
​AA01 000003 ​Prime Minister
​​AA01 000004 ​​Philip Hammond (as Chancellor)
​AA01 000005 ​Mark Carney (as Governor)
​AA01 000006 ​​Ben Broadbent (As Deputy Governor responsible for Notes)
​AA01 000007 ​Victoria Cleland (as Chief Cashier)
​​AA01 000008 ​Bank of England Museum
​​AA01 000009 ​British Museum
​AA01 000012 ​Anthony Habgood (as Chair of the Bank’s Court)
​AA01 000013 ​De La Rue
​AA01 000015 ​CCL Secure
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