Have you ever wondered, just what it is that makes us choose one pub over another?  So what is it that makes an ideal pub? Well we have the answer right here;

The list of ingredients making up Britain’s ideal pub were compiled by market researchers YouGov Omnibus from a survey of 2,113 adults. It confirms what the jukebox sector has long avowed, that music, be it live or background is very important to the pub-goer.

Some ingredients might seem a little strange – bookcases, Victorian architecture and tankards, for example? Others more understandable – (27 per cent would prefer a ban on kids!). Good to know that pool tables and fruit machines made it onto the list – just!

What would make it on your list?

  1. Serves meals (67 per cent)
  2. Beer garden (63 per cent)
  3. Fireplace (52 per cent)
  4. Bar staff know your name (51 per cent)
  5. Sells snacks (50 per cent)
  6. Sells real ale (37 per cent)
  7. Live music (35 per cent)
  8. Background music (35 per cent)
  9. Pub quizzes (34 per cent)
  10. Allows dogs (32 per cent)
  11. Doesn’t allow children (27 per cent)
  12. Has bookcases – with books (25 per cent)
  13. Snooker/pool table (24 per cent)
  14. Serves cocktails (23 per cent)
  15. Shows football/sport (18 per cent)
  16. TVs on walls (17 per cent)
  17. Dart board (17 per cent)
  18. Victorian architecture (16 per cent)
  19. Leather seats (14 per cent)
  20. Tankards (14 per cent)
  21. Sells cigarettes/tobacco (6 per cent)
  22. Fruit machines (5 per cent)

We at Comrie think that fruit machines should rank a lot higher as they are the most profitable two foot square space you can have in your pub or club. If you would like to chat about the latest and profitable digital fruit machines for your pub or club please give us a call and we will be more than happy to tell you about what is working at the moment.

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