Who Let The dogs Out…..

Sit ….and behave

What is your dog policy in your pub or club? With so many blown up media stories about dog attacks, it seems that the public are becoming more fearful of man’s best friend.

Whilst I admit,  I do wince myself when I see a young lad walking down the street with is baseball cap on, plastic bling hanging round his neck with his Staffordshire Bull Terrier on a thin lead that would not hold a gerbil. But what we have to remember is most dogs, in fact 99.9% are friendly and well behaved.

We spoke to a few Midland clubs about this and some do not let dogs in (except guide dogs) and others only let dogs into the bar area and not the lounge. One club even operate a curfew where dogs are allowed in the bar area up until 6pm and had to be kept on a lead all the time. This seemed a good solid policy so everyone knew where they stood.

Paws for thought…. if we don’t have a policy this is when things seem to escalate, as running a pub or club you well know!

I will leave you with a few dog quotes..

‘Chasing your tale gets you know where…except back where you started’

‘If you want the best seat in the house…move the dog!’

‘One dog barks at something, the rest bark at him’ – Chinese Proverb

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