Another Tax For Pubs and Clubs!!!


The British music industry body that collects royalty payments is planning to more than double fees paid by pubs, bars and nightclubs to play recorded music. From July the fees will start to rise and by 2023 venues hosting DJ events – also to include cafes, restaurants and hotels will pay 9p per person per hour, as opposed to an average of 3.9p today.

The money is collected by Phonographic Performance (PPL) and distributed to artist and record companies whose music is being played. The changes will not affect venues that only use music in the background.

PPL have stated that the current tariff has been in place for around 30 years and PPL’s view, supported by economic analysis, is that the fees are too low to be an appropriate reflection of the value to the businesses of using recorded music.

The fees paid will be in proportion to the number of people at the venue, – to ensure events with different audiences are treated fairly – advised PPL. Smaller venues may have to pay less than they do no.

The has nevertheless been opposition from the industry. It was report that some venue will undoubtedly be pushed over the edge by this increase. Which in turn could lead to job losses at venue, and limit opportunities for up and coming musicians. A spokesperson of UK Hospitality which represents 700 companies, estimates the increase in costs to the industry at £49m. They added the changes would wring the last life our of venues. Village pubs that host weekly discos will be strangled.

In return to this comment, a spokesperson of PPL, said the changes were on behalf of more than 100,000 artists and record companies. They include session musicians, orchestral players, self-releasing artists and small independent record companies. They added that they did not recognise the £49m figure cited by UK Hospitality.

It is not as if Lady GaGa or Slim Shady are short of a few pound coins, this just feels like another kick to the groin for local pubs and clubs. Another cost/tax before they even open up their doors. Pubs and clubs as I keep saying are part of the back bone of the UK and bring community’s together in a day when no one seems to know their next door neighbor!

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