Fruit Machines for Pubs and Clubs in Birmingham and Leicester

There has been a lot of calls from pubs and social clubs in and around Birmingham and Leicester areas looking to up date/refresh their fruit machines after the long and hard enforced Covid shut down.

Now is a great time to update machines and hopefully benefit from the pent up demand of customers looking to go back to their local pubs and clubs, meeting friends and playing fruit machines, pool tables and jukeboxes.

Another question we are being asked is what jackpot prize machines can we have at our premises?

If the machine is for a public house this is classed as Category C Fruit Machine with a maximum jackpot of £100 and maximum stake of up to £1 per play.

For social clubs, this is a Category B4 machine which is a maximum jackpot of £400 and a maximum stake of £2 per play.

There is also a B3A machine which is only allowed to be located in committee ran social clubs where the profits are put back into the club for the members. The Jackpot on a B3A machine is £500.

If you would like more information about hiring a fruit machine for your pub or social club free of charge, please give Comrie a call on 02476 249070.


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