Protecting the NHS or is it Nursing shortages??

Protecting the NHS or is it Nursing shortages??

Increasingly it appears that the phrase ‘Protecting the NHS’ is actually a euphemism for nursing shortages. It is the one constant that has been used throughout the last two years – as such shouldn’t the government’s strategy be to recruit more qualified staff from overseas at the same time as investing in the training of more nurses rather than attempt to stop or at best slow down the spread of a highly contagious virus?

If the lack of staff is the pinch-point and the reason why society is experiencing a cultural and commercial paralysis with some older people quite literally passing due to broken years and loneliness why hasn’t the government done something/anything in fact about it? NHS workers deserve a medal of their own for working for a slow moving and inefficient employer.

For many people the NHS is beyond criticism, but the fact is it is a well-known fact that if you have the misfortune to fall seriously ill and be admitted to hospital on a Friday your chances of surviving reduce significantly.

Similarly, why don’t hospitals do CT scans 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? It sounds like an urban myth, but it has been reported that a VET pays the NHS to scan his animal patients when the equipment isn’t being used. My point is it should be used all the time and by humans.

One of the positives that must come out of the review is a root and branch overhaul of the NHS and Care system. The new normal means that we need more capacity in both which means more trained staff and fewer middle management administrators who frankly are not particularly good at their jobs. Also lets not mention the bullying of Doctors and Nurses who have been on the front line of Covid for over two years with no protection and now 80,000 of them are threatened with the sack for making a choice of not having the Covid jab. What do they know that we don’t????

Comrie is proud of how hard our Doctors and Nurses have worked over the last two plus years especially and will continue to support them Jabbed or not.

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