BBPA calls for business rates reform

BBPA calls for business rates reform

The British Beer and Pub Association has called for business rates reform aiding pubs and brewers, in a submission to the All-Party Parliamentary Beer Group Business Rates Inquiry.

Noting the sector generates £23bn in economics value and supports 900,000 jobs, the association highlighted the disproportionate amount percentage in rates pub are expected to pay.

“The current business rates system places disproportionate burden on pubs and brewers which is stifling their recovery and ability to return to sustainable growth,” said CEO Emma McClarkin. “Reform is needed to create a system which accounts for how the economy functions in the modern day”.

According to the BBPA, UK pubs pay more per pound turnover than any other sector with rate bills accounting for 2.5 percent of total business rates paid, despite only representing 0.5 percent of total rateable turnover – an over payment of £570m.

We are in such an unlevel playing field, Supermarkets and local shops who were doing a bomb all through Covid also benefited from zero rates during this period. Then add in that these same supermarkets use alcohol sales at virtually lost leaders to drive footfall in to their premises (We need minimum unit pricing for lots of reasons!). They have tripled profits at a time when family’s are struggling and pubs/social clubs which are community assets are being hit with high percentage rates bills, higher gas and electric bills and still hurting from being the businesses forced to close the longest during Covid. This is a very important time to make sure pubs and social clubs have the latest fruit machines, pool tables and jukeboxes to help them add additional extra income during these hard times.

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