Pub fruit machine hire Birmingham

Pub fruit machine hire Birmingham

Pub Fruit Machines are a great way to keep your customers entertained and earn extra profit while in your pub or social club. If you are located in or around Birmingham, Leicester or Coventry then Comrie can supply the latest fruit machines for your pub or social club.

Having the latest up to date digital fruit machines can be a  very excellent source of revenue. There are different categories of fruit machines available to rent/hire from us depending on your type of premises. There are different categories of fruit machines – B3A, B4 and category C are the most common ones we hire out to pubs and clubs. Category C machines are £100 fruit machines normally found in pubs and bars.

Category B3A and B4 fruit machines have higher jackpots and higher stakes (£2 or £1) but are only for social clubs. There are also Category D fruit machines which are 10p play and jackpot prizes of up to £5. These fruit machines are less popular now and more common in family amusement arcades.

Fruit machines can be hired on a profit share basis, where there is no rent payable and a more cost effective way for pubs and clubs to hire fruit machines. Also the machines are installed at no cost and there are no contacts or tie-ins at any time. A few very important things to establish before you go ahead with any company to supply fruit machines to your pub or social club –

  • Establish that they are Gaming Board registered, only companies who are registered with the Gaming Board of Great Britain can supply fruit machines and if a company is not they could cause you a lot of problems (With the law!)
  • Ensure you are getting the latest machines installed on your premises. The latest digital fruit machines are the machines that are by far the most popular with customers. They also have up to 30 different games on one machine.
  • Does the company offer a 7 days a week fast back up service to fix any problems? When you have a irate customer because the machine has not paid him a £100 win, you want to be able to speak with a real person and have a answer, when is the engineer coming out and it should always be the same day.


If you would like to talk more about the latest fruit machine hire for your pub or social club in Birmingham, Leicester or Coventry surrounding areas please call us for a chat. We are more than happy to pop and see you and go over things.


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