Movement to ‘keep it cash’ gains momentum

Movement to ‘keep it cash’ gains momentum

A movement to ‘Keep it Cash’ has been touring the UK and engaging with the public in towns and cities on the need for businesses to accept payment in physical currency.

Its latest stop was in Haverford West, where more that 20 local supporters handed out leaflets and spoke with locals to raise awareness of the importance of keeping cash in use.

“Keep it Cash is a worldwide movement what has gathered momentum after many retail and hospitality outlets have been restricting the use of cash,” said a spokesperson for the movement. “The prevailing message of this campaign id freedom of choice and advice to ‘use it or lose it’”.

The group also warned of the programmable nature if digital currency, could give governments control of how people spend their money.

“Some MPs have expressed concern regarding the potential programmable nature of any future digital currency,” concluded the spokesperson. “This could give governments the option of controlling how people spend their money. For example, restrictions place ion travel in relation to governments’ ‘NetZero’ targets”.

Fruit machines in pubs currently can only accept cash to play due to UK laws, although this is currently being looked at by the government.

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