FIFA World Cup 2022

FIFA World Cup 2022

FIFA’s controversial decision to award Qatar the 2022 World Cup and even more weirdly, to host it in the winter – could be coming just in time for ailing pubs and bars.

The task of keeping up sales in a tight climate of falling disposable income and rising prices is pushing many venues to the brink, and yet according to Charlie Mitchell, research, and insight director a the CGA, the typical outpouring of festivities for the football could be enough to save many from collapse.

However, others may be worried about whether they have the infrastructure to make the most of it.

“With continued staff shortages for the sector, alongside supply chain and product availability issues, what seems like a perfect Christmas present may turn out for be an operational nightmare for venues attempting to cope with increased visitors on what would usually be some of the busiest days of the year regardless of sport,” said Mitchell.

We will then hopefully have a busy Xmas period, but as we all know this then takes a big tumble when January comes around, but pubs and clubs need this busy period after the past few years.

Hopefully this will also be a good time for fruit machines and jukeboxes in pubs and clubs with extra footfall over the world cup and then Christmas festive period.

So, will the World Cup offer a Christmas gift? “Absolutely”, let the fun begin and fingers crossed our boys can bring that trophy home!

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