A jukebox the Fonz would be proud of!!

A jukebox the Fonz would be proud of!!

We get asked for all types of jukeboxes, unfortunately we no longer do vinyl or CD jukeboxes as the reliability and parts are becoming a problem. But pubs still ask if we have a jukebox with the bubbles or a jukebox that looks like “they used to look”??

Digital jukeboxes are the best, as you have a great selection of music, they rarely go wrong and your customers are used to digital music with their smart phones and tablets.

We now have the best of both worlds, a digital jukebox that looks like an old traditional Fonz style jukebox with the bubbles!!

This nostalgic digital jukebox is a great focal point in any pub and where we have installed them has proven to be very profitable.

If you are looking to hire a digital jukebox for your pub or club please give Comrie a call.

Here is Cheryl Greig one of the Directors of Comrie with the nostalgic digital Jukebox.







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Digital jukeboxes are changing fast and the latest jukebox on the market is truly amazing. The NSM Fusion can be on- line or off -line but by having it on-line is when it truly comes into its own. This is when the latest music is automatically downloaded each night when new songs are released. Therefore each time your customers go to the jukebox new releases are on there ready to play.

A massive thing with the NSM Fusion is that it can play audio songs and also the videos of each artist, this can also be connected to other TV screens around the pub or club giving a great atmosphere and a big lift to the cash box.

There is also a Karaoke feature on the jukebox so this can reduce costs for a pub or club who pays someone to come in and do a Karaoke night. There are thousands of karaoke tracks on the jukebox.

On the screen is a constant RSS feed showing news, sports and breaking stories. You can programme adverts to show on the screen promoting your venue and there is also a You Tube feature to name a few!

If you are looking to hire a digital jukebox for your pub or club then definitely consider the NSM Fusion as your customers will be really interested in this fabulous jukebox, which will show in the cash box.

You can rent this digital jukebox or we can supply it at no cost on a revenue share deal including all the speakers and the behind the bar digital controller so you are in full control of the jukebox at all times.

PHOTO  – This is our latest NSM Fusion digital jukebox installation at the Gosford Arms public house in Coventry.


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If you would like to know more call Mark on 07854 772576.

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Why rent your digital jukebox when you can buy?

Why rent your digital jukebox when you can buy?

The latest digital jukeboxes can be expensive to rent and you are paying this money out every week! We have also seen older jukeboxes being rented out at high prices costing pubs and clubs a lot of money ongoing.

How can you save money?

By buying the digital jukebox outright so you only pay once leaving more money in your pocket.

We have a range of digital jukeboxes for sale from the latest NSM Fusion which comes with FREE music for a year and as we buy the NSM Fusion digital jukebox in quantity we can pass on our great savings to you.

If you are looking for a Sound Leisure digital jukebox we can deliver this to your door anywhere in the UK for £795 + VAT this fantastic price also includes delivery. This is a fabulous price and you will recoup your investment very quickly.

One of the most popular jukeboxes is the Hit Box digital jukebox. If you click on the link you can read all about this versatile jukebox, Hitbox Digital Jukebox for Sale

We will sort out all the latest music updates for you and we are only at the end of the phone to sort any problems that may arise. Digital jukeboxes work very well, but if you do have a problem, just call our service line and one of our engineers will talk you through the problem. If we can’t resolve it on the phone we post out the part and then you return the faulty part to us and in turn you only get charged for the repair.

So if you are paying a high rent for your jukebox or not making any money, then buy your own digital jukebox and profit for years.

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Jukebox Hire For Pubs

“Please only give us the latest machines”

This is what we were asked when the Four Provinces Pub in Coventry called us to go in and chat to them about supplying them with a Digital Jukebox and all their other gaming and amusement machines.

We went along and spoke to the owners of the Four Provinces, Alex and Martin. They had a national machine company supplying all their machines and as we regularly hear they were not getting the service they needed and not being listened to about their complaints and problems.

One of their complaints was that they had a digital Jukebox but it wasn’t being updated regularly and because of this hardly anyone was putting money in to play music.

When we looked at the Jukebox we knew straight away why this was as they had been supplied a Jukebox that was not online and the company was not coming out to manually update the music.

We have been busy testing online Jukeboxes over the last couple of months so when the Four Provinces asked us for the best Jukebox for music selection we knew the answer to this. Lately we have tried a Sound Leisure Jukebox, A NSM digital Jukebox and another digital Jukebox called the Jaybox. We installed them in different venues and then monitored their income and also got feedback from the venue’s customers about ease of use.

The winner hands down was the Jaybox. Not only because of the ease of use and the vast amount of music on the Jukebox which is added to daily as new songs are released, but the cash box was also the highest. This made sense as the customer feedback was all positive and this reflected in them putting their hard earnt money into the Jukebox to listen to the latest music as soon as it as downloaded onto the Jukebox.

The Jaybox proved itself again, as Alex and Martin both said how happy they both were and how well the Jaybox had performed in the Four Provinces. After speaking with other Jukebox and machine suppliers, they decided to go ahead with Comrie with all their machines and we have installed all  the latest machines, included an electronically coin operated Pool Table which they can set on “free play” at different times of the day to encourage people into their bar.

If you are looking for the latest digital Jukebox hire for your pub with all the latest music downloaded daily, give us ring at Comrie to chat more about our NO COST installs with the Jaybox.

‘The latest music definitely means more profit’

new pics 030


Alex, one of the partners at The Four Provinces.

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Jukebox Hire For Pubs and Clubs

Digital Jukebox Hire For Pubs and Clubs

Having the latest digital jukebox in your pub or club can mean music to your customers ears but also music to your bank account!

 This is not only due to the extra income having a modern touch screen digital jukebox with all the latest music regularly updated, but having music playing in any type of venue has been proved to make people stay longer. This is why even when you are out shopping as you go from shop to shop they all have some type of back groud music playing. By keeping your customers in longer means extra profit over the bar and more profit in your other gaming or amusement machines.

Before you rush out to get a Digital Jukebox on hire or on a revenue share deal ensure that you will get all the latest music updates as they are released as your customers will want to listen to the latest releases.

Also, having a jukebox zoned, which means you can set the volume of your jukebox at different levels not only in separate rooms but also in different areas of the same bar area. We do jukebox installs where in the same room you can have three different volume levels as the customers in a certain area only want the volume low and customers playing pool or in another part of the room can have the music set at a level they are happy with!

Another great feature of our digital jukeboxes are that we channel your TV or Sky through our speaker system, this way when you have the football or any other event showing your customers will get great sound all around your pub or club. Our jukebox comes up with an “Event in progress” setting so whilst you have the football showing no one can put their money in the jukebox during the event.

Another must addition is to have outdoor speakers for your smokers. This livens up the outdoor area and encourages your smoking customers to put money in the jukebox before they pop outside for their cigarette.

If you are interested in a jukebox on hire, rental or at no cost on a revenue share deal for your pub or club and are based around the Midlands area please contact us for a site visit.

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Jukebox hire is the way to extra profits

Music to your ears…..

Music can bring in a whole new set of customers into pubs and clubs that may not have ordinarily been attracted. These customers, who if the offer is right can go on to become regulars!

While live music may grab most of the attention, it is important not to overlook your pre-recorded music offer as well. After all, it only needs a jukebox or back-ground music to change a pub’s atmosphere beyond recognition resulting in attracting extra customers in to your pub or club.

“Music and especially jukeboxes are both a very important part of the pub/club experience” suggests Comrie Automatics Marketing Director, Mark Greig. Modern digital jukeboxes offer tens of thousands of music tracks to your customers. This provides the potential to generate significant income for any pub or club. Jukebox hire can be a great way to generate extra revenue, especially on a no cost revenue share deal which we can supply our jukeboxes on. Also with no install costs or contracts.

Music Licences..

What are you paying for?

If you play music in your pub or club you may need a licence from PRS for Music and in most cases one from PPL too. In most instances of recorded music being played in public, a Music licence is required from both organisations. PPL collects and distributes licence fees for the use of recorded music on behalf of record companies and performers, while PRS for Music collects and distributes for the use of musical compositions and lyrics on behalf of songwriters, composers and publishers.

What Music licences cover

Music licence permit you to play copyright music for your staff and customers, however you choose to play music. In your pub/club this might include:

  • Music on TV Channels
  • Radios, CD and MP3 players, digital music systems
  • Music on hold
  • Live bands and DJ’s
  • Karaoke machines


Music licence costs

The current rate for a jukebox PPL licence in a pub or club is £150.64 per annum.

With PRS for Music, pubs pay an annual charge for background music based on the devices they use and the size of the premises and featured music is usually charged per session, based on the capacity of the premises or room. Where the music user has applied for and obtained PRS for music’s licence before musical commence, the standard royalty rate will be charged and payable for the first year of the licence.

Be careful not to be stung by applying for a Music licence too late, because where the music user has not applied for and obtained PRS for Music’s licence before musical performances commence, the higher (standard plus 50%) royalty rate will be charged and payable for the first year of the licence!!

After the first year of the licence, in either case, the standard royalty rate will be charged and payable, at least, but it’s best to avoid any extra hidden costs if you can while starting up.

When speaking to one of our Jukebox customers ‘Lon Mallin’, from the Railway in Leamington Spa he told us how important it was to have the music his customers wanted available at the touch of a button. Some nights and even afternoons the Digital Jukebox is played continuous. “It’s not just about the profit the Jukebox brings in from the cashbox, I know the Jukebox helps with atmosphere in my pub so it generates income in the till” said Lon. 

If you have any questions about jukebox hire or any other music licence issues please give us a ring at Comrie Automatics.


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