Pool Table Hire For Pubs and Clubs

At Comrie we know how important a good quality well kept pool table is for keeping customers in your pub or club drinking. Many places take extra revenue from the nights they have pool table teams playing. This in turn helps get repeat business from regulars to practice. We can supply you a pool table on hire for your pub or club but if you prefer we also do a revenue share deal with no cost, or as quite a few places do now you can buy your own table. We sell and install pool tables which will provide you with years of trouble free revenue. We even do a deal where you can trial one of our new digital machines and pay for the pool table from the income of that machine so you have no out lay!

5 “interesting facts you didn’t need to know about the Great Pool Table

1 – Until the 1920’s, billiards worldwide were heavily biased towards carom –the more traditional variety of the game. The game we know as pool was dying it was played by just a few old men. Well how times have changed. Now pool is played in social clubs, bars and pubs worldwide!

2 – The first female champion was a man – let’s just say that in the 1890s not many things were as politically correct as they are today. Pool was one of them – with women pool players getting a bit of a rough ride. Still there were some championships around, and the first one recorded one was won by a “lady” under the name of Frances Anderson. After going unbeaten for 25 years and winning plenty of wagers, she finally revealed her name was Orie – a man. Still that’s quite a dedication to a hustle!

3 – The cushions were just to stop the balls falling off  – the original “banks” on tables were installed to stop this problem, however it didn’t take crafty players long to work out that they could shoot balls off of them to hit different angles – hence we now have the “bank shot”!

4 – Play pool, go to hell – During the 1500s the Catholic Church actually denounced playing pool as sin (although what wasn’t back then?). In France the game was actually banned for a number of years. Many years later in the early history of the USA, pool was actually banned in a number of states. However, the great American tradition of the speak-easy included pool tables, of which Thomas Jefferson was a known illicit owner.

5 – Pool actually started outside – that’s right, all billiards games (bar billiards, snooker, carom and pool) are all descended from an outdoor game that resembled croquet – which was popular in France during 1400s. The game was so popular that during the long winters the game was transferred indoors as a table game – the traditional green felt represents the lawn. The word “billiard” comes from the French word for “mace”, as before the days of the pool cues the game was actually played with a wooden mace style instrument…

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Pool Table Hire For Work Canteens & Cafes


Pool tables are still a big favourite in Pubs and Working Men’s Clubs up and down the country. With a large following of regular players who participate in pool leagues and competitions.

There are also many of us casual players who like the odd fun game, well we say fun but we still try our best for the bragging rights when you beat your friend!

With the fun game in mind we have been installing our pool tables in works canteens and cafes. Following on from the success of the pool table in Costco, a supermarket has now had one installed for their employees to play in there break times and the revenue from the pool table goes into the staff social fund, which is also creating good moral for the staff.

The great thing for any company is that we install a pool table free of any cost and we operate the pool table on a revenue share deal, so you can profit from this deal. Therefore if you are looking for an ideal way to entertain your staff a pool table hire from Comrie at no cost is a great way.

Feel free to give me a call on 024 76249070 and I can arrange to come and show you the latest league pool tables at no cost and arrange an installation date to suit you.

Rack ‘em up!!!

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